Air Handlers - P-Series Modular Blower

Variable speed operation helps maximize home comfort by minimizing temperature swings while better controlling home humidity. For homes in moderate climates, the P-Series modular blower works seamlessly with your American Standard heat pump to deliver the ultimate in home temperature control.

  • Exclusive, composite blower design moves air more efficiently and helps resist rust for optimized performance.
  • Variable speed blower motor controls humidity while evenly distributing conditioned air throughout your home.
  • Powder painted, fully insulated cabinet decreases operating noise and resists corrosion for long lasting performance.
  • Emission-free operation helps reduce your home’s impact on the environment.
  • 120 volt wiring eliminates the need for expensive electrical work when converting from a gas furnace to modular blower.

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Platinum Series
Increased reliability, efficiency and peace of mind
ForeFront™ Platinum TAM9
ForeFront™ Platinum TAM7
Gold Series
Exceptional airflow and comfort
ForeFront™ Gold TAM4
ForeFront™ Gold GAM5
ForeFront™ Gold GAF2
P Series
Variable-Speed Modular Blower
P-Series Modular Blower