Ductless Systems - MVZ Mutli-Position AHU

The pairing of a multi-position air handler with a high-performance multi-zone heat pump creates the Diamond Comfort System, an efficient whole-home solution, offering complete year-round comfort control room by room. This system is well-suited for supplemental or replacement applications, especially in homes currently heated by fuel oils or electric baseboards. Older homes with no cooling or heating system can take advantage of the hidden unit for the open areas and ductless units for additional rooms such as bedrooms.

  • Available capacities in kBtu/h: 12, 18, 24, 30, 36
  • Performance: one-inch foam R4.2, fiberglass-free insulation reduces condensation and boosts efficiency
  • Quality: durable, powder-coated cabinet
  • Serviceability: easily removable fan provides access for coil cleaning
  • Flexibility: true multi-position; horizontal, vertical and downflow configuration requiring no additional kit. For downflow configurations, a CMA-1 is recommended for proper management of condensate to prevent water blowoff in certain conditions
  • Comfort: DC motor ensures quiet and efficient operation year-round
  • Air Quality: positively pressurized cabinet and tested air leakage less than 1%
  • Compatible with the MXZ-C outdoor unit

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